Everyone may develop & submit their tools, once approved, the tools are live for all to use for free. Open tool hub for free to use by any one for every one with hundreds of tools for encoding, decoding, converting, filtering, replacing, generating strings, and much more that you could imagine.

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Everyone may develop & submit their tools, once approved, the tools are live for all to use for free
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What is a tool?

A tool is just a set of files that used to serve your tool, you could use any framework, any technology to build your tool.

Structure of a tool package

- First rule for a tool package is all files & folders must be at root of zipped file, not at any sub-level.

- Second, you may have unlimited files and folder in a tool package, but settings.php & index.php are required files. These only files shall be loaded whenenver tool accessed. You will process and handle all things in these files to serve the visitors.


Download our sample built tool and see how it works.

    • api.php (optional)
    • index.php (required)
    • settings.php (required)
    • sharing.jpg (required)
    • logos (required)
      • 16.png (required)
      • 48.png (required)
      • 180.png (required)
    • languages (optional)
    • custom-file.php
    • custom-folder


- You may consider a tool like a mini PHP script, you may also use any material, any resource and any framework, such as Lavarel or Zend, to build your tools. Just use like you want and build as you wish.

- But we also recommend you to use our built-in resources to build faster, our resources almost coded line by line for the system, so it gives the best performance & speed for the website.


Usable global variables and functions

- There are few variables and functions should be used to create a tool.

CAUTION we use pTemplate for templating all static HTML files. But you may also use plain PHP code to retrieve these variable values by alternative functions.

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